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posted on 15 Sep 2013 02:29 by davidreyes751
If you reside in North America then chances are you may have heard about Motor Club of America. It's pretty much a roadside service and it is also earnings opportunity too.

Member Benefits

So from the features and perks to be part of Motor Club of America are emergency roadside service including as much as 100 miles of towing, as well has as much as $500 for any vehicle that's damaged due to any sort of accident. There are also legal benefits, member discounts, along with other emergency coverage. You might be in a position to receive as much as 60% off generic prescriptions and 25% from brand prescriptions. As far as vision health you can receive as much as 60% from visual maintenance systems. Also you may be able to receive up to 50% discount on general dental fees. So far as attorney's fees you might be in a position to receive up to $2000 for attorneys fees and up to $1000 credit card protection. The list continues there are lots of other advantages to being a member.

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you will find three plan subscriptions to which you become part of:

$9.95 monthly for that Dispatch Plan
$14.95 per month for that Security Plus Plan
$19.95 per month for the Total Security Package

But let's also talk about the home business opportunity which most people appear to really concentrate on when the get started doing this particular service.

Referral Program

Lots of home-based business entrepreneurs enjoy to promote Motor Club of America due to the compensation structure involved when you refer people into the business under you. To get going with the membership it is just in the cost you about $40 and you are will make about $80 for every referral into the company. to ensure that means should you refer to just five people, that will equal about $400 paid to you. Also there is opportunity to create residual income of all the civil person who assigned the under deal which is about six dollars per month. This is a type of legitimate network marketing. The way in which Motor Club of America will be a lot different than a lot of other work at home opportunities is that it supplies a service that many individuals The united states could really use.

Obviously, to make utilization of this home business opportunity you really need to be consistent and there are rewards to get lots of sign-ups each week. Quite simply the more sign-ups that you can do in a short amount of time, the greater income per sign-up you had been going to make.